Gorenje Podgorica

Gorenje Podgorica

Address: Cetinjski put bb, 81000 Podgorica
Phone: +382 20 405 700
Fax: +382 20 261 780
Managing Director: Darko Vukčević

The Company was founded in 1991, as Gorenje Titograd, in 1995 was transformed into joint company and on August 14, 2000 was registered as Limited Liability Company Gorenje Podgorica with its headquarters in Podgorica, Donja Gorica, Cetinjski put street. The Company employs local staff in major cases with university-level specialist's training. Director of the Company is Mr. Darko Vukčević.

Limited Liability Company Gorenje Podgorica takes care of domestic customers and accomplishment of satisfactory relations with business partners.

Principle Activity of the Limited Liability Company Gorenje is:

  • Distribution of large house apparatuses and other Gorenje program on the Montenegrin market; small house apparatuses; boilers; air conditioners; TV sets; radiators. Last year, Gorenje Podgorica started with implementation of the strategy ˝mine.yours.home.˝ in order to enlarge selling assortment of kitchens, bathrooms equipment and other furniture.
  • Development and maintenance of service network. One of the short term goals of Gorenje Podgorica is the investment in expanding and modern organization of service network which will additionally follow the needs and concern of our costumers in regards to their apparatuses in the warranty period and out of the warranty period. The principle goal of the modern service is maintaining of Gorenje apparatuses with original spare parts in all to satisfy our costumers.

The development of Limited Liability Company Gorenje Podgorica is based on clearly defined goals as a result of its vision ‘becoming flexible company’ in all aspects of its activities. All ideas which are realized in Gorenje are base for new concepts that Gorenje would like to introduce in order to make an influence on better quality of life in our homes and in society in general. The Gorenje products offered to the costumer are made of different types of materials and in different styles. For all of these products the main characteristic is unique and unusual design which gives recognizable mark to the kitchens and other home premises.

In accordance with values and cultural principals of home office and with trade mark identity ”Gorenje”, one of the goals of Limited Liability Company Gorenje Podgorica is developing business and other relations as well as the relation with home office environment in which operates Gorenje Podgorica. These relations will enable Gorenje Podgorica linking with the region and wider. In future Gorenje Podgorica will support project which are in accordance with principals and values of corporate culture and Gorenje trade mark identity.

Gorenje apparatuses are corresponding to numerous European standards, measures and criteria which represent one more reason for presenting trade mark in major number of states in the world and its recognition. Gorenje produces its apparatuses in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 quality standards while the care for the environment represents ISO 14001 standard. One of the tasks and goals of Gorenje Podgorica which are in accordance with general aims of Gorenje Group is widening of ecological awareness in a local territory as well. All apparatuses which are sold on Montenegrin market are direct to the recycling of the material which respect the environment and saving the energy, watery consumption, ozone….